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No. of Employees:13; No. of Full Time Employees6; No of part time experts 7 No. of Women Employees: 6; No. of Volunteers: 1;   KeA managerial staff: 6 Programmatic-Technical staff (National experts): 7 Short-term contract staff: ~ 21-33 per year International consultants: 3-5 per year Professional sustainability KeA’s staff is well trained and competent, as testified by the extensive experience accumulated in serving NTP since its development (see the study: Bahri T et al. DOTS implementation in a post-war, United Nations Administered territory: lessons from Kosovo. Respiratory Medicine 2008; 102:121-127) as testified by the brilliant results achieved by the GFATM proposal implementation.   The managerial staff consists of 6 professionals: full time executive/project manager; full-time finance officer, full-time project assistant, full time finance assistant, full time logistic officer and part-time procurement assistant. All of them have strong managerial skill and are dedicated to NGO and project efforts.   The technical staff consist of 7-9 professionals with large expertise (5 PhD and 2 Mr Sci in Public Health and Pulmonology) who are part of NTP, university hospital and public health structure (Institute of Public Health) hired by KeA. Office: NGO KeA main office is in Prishtina, there plans to open e new one in Peja town. Other institutional and professional networks: NGO KeA has established collaboration and built the network with different institutions: Currently there discussions with MoH in developing and signing the MoU concerning TB control. NGO KeA is directly supporting NTP Manager within MoH structure. NGO KeA had good collaboration with Primary Care Division within MOH structure and certain primary care positions in regional and municipal level; NGO KeA is in the network with professional associations: Kosovo Lung Association, Allergy & Asthma Association, Family Medicine Associations, NGO Austism etc.